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  • Three layers Silver fountain is a masterpiece handcrafted with beautiful Indian motif and enhanced by angels in each layer. This product is a dream come reality. At the top of this fountain, four lions are placed back to back in a circle which sparks the royalty in the product. This is an alluring piece of design and craftsmen.

  • This masterpiece is inspired by Romanian theme. The stand of the bowl is of Romanian women to beautify and enhance the piece. Every inch of the product is crafted and typically taken from the Romanian art, which make it a charming piece. At the top there are two lions placed to give a Royal look to the piece, its base is crafted beautifully which gives a look of several lion’s paw.

  • This masterpiece is inspired by a swing that can be seen at Indian fair. Indian traditional motifs are been used to give a touch of newness with royalty. Typically horses are been used to give it a look of palaces and its art. Crafted beautifully, the swing is an alluring piece of heritage, style and uniqueness from the hand of craftsmen and the intricacy of the bowl took it to a new level.

  • Typical Indian design, traditionally motif and beautiful craft make it a masterpiece. Every work on it is an example of intricacy. The masterpeice is purely inspired by roots of Indian. Peacock attached to it is giving it an elegant piece of master craft. Elephant as a base is making it an age old royal Kalash and the roaring mode make it more appealing .Its beauty is self descriptory.

  • Africa is known for its wildlife, rich colourful motifs. Inspired by African art Silver elephant bowl is a masterpiece by every inch. Its form and shape is inspired  by African elephant shown in aggression mode and the stand of the bowl is crafted from jewellery worn by African women. This is a wonderful artistry. Every detail of this piece is perceived by designers and amazing hand of craftsmen.

  • This Gandola is a home decor masterpiece inspired by vibrant and intrique culture of Venice.Bringing realism into the masterpiece, human figures on the Gandola are showing a very positive and beautiful story related to Venice art and musical culture.

    It is creating a story of Royal Queen who is doing voyage and her servants are entertaining her by dancing, playing the music and taking care of her, which gives very royal look and breathtaking minimalist or grand make people sit back and enjoy a creation of eternal beauty and craftsmanship. The form of Gandola is based on Peacock which is creating a dramatic look and intricacy of the carving takes decor to a whole new level.

    The most interesting fact about this masterpeice is, it looks different from each, no design and motifs has been repeated and each are giving a real essence of Venice. It proves the saying of Picaso that is ” Art is never finished it is abandoned”.