Silver Investments In 2020

With the current Stock market plummeting and the world economy being under global threat, everyone is looking for a safe investment option in 2020. In such trying times it is prudent to have investments in physical metals as an insurance against volatile economies. 

Gold, being the glamorous big sister scores headlines and attention, but silver being the wealthy younger sibling, works harder than gold.  With wide industrial applications, silver has cornered the investment market lately and has proven to be and a more affordable portfolio partner. 

Silver sales soar 

Investing in silver can be a nice entry-point for adding precious metals to your holdings. In fact, American Eagle silver bullion coins produced by the U.S. Mint, far outsell the gold version on a per-ounce basis. Affordability is certainly one reason why. Here are some key considerations regarding Safe silver investments: 

  • The gold-silver ratio is placed at a multi-decade high, which means that silver is under-priced compared to gold.
  • More importantly, as silver is now trading at close to half its all-time high of Rs 75,020 per kg (reached in 2011), this proves that it has substantial upside potential.
  • Since silver is moving in a narrow band for the past few years, there is a possibility of a breakout in the next 1-2 years and this may take it to the next height.
  • Silver’s greater volatility means it will better perform than gold in the upcoming bull market. If you’re comfortable with the higher volatility and buy near the beginning of a bull market, purchasing silver is like adding an extra shot of espresso to your portfolio.
  • Silver will sell off faster and farther than gold because of its low pricing. So when the bull market looks to be peaking, be sure to sell!
  • Silver’s advantage over gold is that you can capture all these same benefits but at a much lower cost. Your financial insurance just got more affordable. It’s why silver is called the “poor man’s gold.”
  • From electronics and medical applications to batteries and solar panels, silver is everywhere, whether you see it or not.
  • Despite the expected short-term under performance, silver is likely to be a good long-term bet. 

If you buy Physical Silver – not ETFs, certificates or futures contracts, which are paper investments—you can capture some extra benefits as: 

Physical Silver…

  • Is a hard asset. Of all the investments you own, how many can you hold in your hand? In a world of paper profits, digital trading, and currency creation, physical silver is a tangible asset that can’t be hacked (something your stock broker constantly guards against).
  • Is money, just like gold. It can’t be created out of thin air (and thus depreciated) like paper currency or digital entries. Look through monetary history and you’ll find that silver has been used in coinage more often than gold.
  • Has no counterparty risk. If you hold physical silver, you don’t need another party to make good on a contract or promise.
  • Has never been defaulted on. If you own physical silver, you have no default risk. Not so for almost any other investment you make.

Holding precious metals is an insurance policy against a failing fiat currency. Trust historical metals over any fiat or Bitcoin alternatives; after all they are physical assets and not a hocus pocus of the Block Chain derivatives. 

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